• Image of Lum Invader Gachapon Set B

Pin sizes are 1.25" in diameter.
No two pins are exactly alike~
Trading with friends is highly reccomended if you're not happy with the one you got:]
Price is for one pin. Quantities are very limited~
Happy hunting everyone!

Allow 5-7 business days before items get shipped. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS IS CORRECT! Tracking is automatically included with any pin orders. All sales final!

After visiting Japan, I was inspired to bring the gachapon idea here to the states. If you're not familiar with Gachapons..it's a fun way to collecting little mystery prizes that you acquire at random! Of course originally a gum-ball type machine is required to fully enjoy the experience to getting your gachapon.xD Watch this video here to see what gachapons are like in Japan!