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I put this design together on February 26, 2017 to commemorate the anniversary of the late Nujabes. It's been seven years since one of the greatest producers of our generation was taken from us. You may have heard of him..maybe not..but Nujabes was one hell of a jazzy guy. I've been a fan of his work since ever since. And although he may not be around anymore..his music strongly lives on amongst the qualified listeners. It would've been a dream come true if more people got to listen to his music live and direct..but the closest thing I've ever experienced to that is attending Shing02's annual shows commemorating Nujabes himself. Luckily I've been able to catch this show twice already..and I look forward to attending it again this year. If you're a fan, Shing's live performances of all the famous classics such as LuvSic parts 1-6 is something you cannot miss! Guess what his closing song is? Motherfuckin Battle Cry from the anime Samurai Champloo! On the last show I attended..Shing02 shared an original quote that became an instant favorite of mine. "They say time flies when you're having fun, but time warps when you're in love." "That's right. When you've experienced love even for one brief second in your life time..you can always fall back to that moment. Whether you're in love with someone, or something, anything! You can always fall back to a time when you were in love. Whether it be in the past, the present, or even the future..you're time warping to a moment where you feel utmost love, joy, and happiness." Here at H.R. it's all about the hopeless life..so I want to share it with you in the new club slap🙏🏽. Stay hopeless✌🏽.

Sticker is about 8.5'' x 2.75''.
Printed on high quality vinyl.
Matte finish.

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